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Functional Breathing

Holly offers 1:1 functional breathing training, including advice & exercises to help optimise your breathing (health).

Functional breathing is one of the most important pillars of health.  In fact, from birth, the breath is the first and most basic autonomic function, influencing mind, body, and personal potential.
Breath is (quality of) life. Yet many of us in modern society have forgotten how to breathe, functionally.
Due to the pace & busy-ness of modern society, so many of us are breathing unconsciously almost 100% of the time, without paying any attention to the function or quality of our breath. As a result, many of us are over breathing ie. breathing faster, shallower & via the mouth on a regular basis. This can lead to a variety of physical & mental health outcomes/issues.

These sessions are designed to help you, ultimately, connect with the breath, with your body, to restore function of breathing and enhance your bodymind's innate health and vitality.

With Holly, you will feel heard and supported, while gaining valuable insight and guidance.
Holly is a certified Oxygen Advantage functional breath instructor, holistic counsellor, meditation & mindfulness teacher, holistic health coach (CHEK) - a considered & holistic approach is taken at all times.
Functional breathing training can provide you with the tools to:
  • Optimise bodymind performance
  • Promote better quality of sleep
  • Alleviate snoring & sleep apnea
  • Boost energy and focus
  • Manage symptoms of many common health complaints
  • Support weight loss, lifestyle changes and longevity
  • Alleviate stress, anxiety, panic and racing mind
  • Alleviate symptoms of asthma
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Promote physiological, mental & spiritual healing
  • Deepen the connection with your body
  • Promote mindfulness & conscious awareness
  • Support functional movement
Our breath training explores functional breathing from a scientific, practical & accessible standpoint.
1:1 Functional breath training sessions are available in package programs.
  • Due to the nature of functional breathing & the required approach, all training with Holly is delivered via a tailored package program with a minimum of 3 sessions. 
  • Each program is unique to the individual, written specifically for you & designed to help facilitate longer term outcomes.
  • Before we commence any training together, you will complete a detailed questionnaire, we will also discuss how you are feeling day to day & walk through any health issues or bodymind symptoms you may be navigating.
  • From there, we determine a suitable tailored package ranging from 3 to 12 sessions.
  • Training can be delivered online, so you can practice from the comfort of your own space, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Training is also available in person at Health House Pacific Palms (Charlotte Bay, mid north coast NSW)
If you're interested in working with Holly, reach out via the contact page to organise a free introductory chat or book a session(s) via the link below.
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