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21 Days To Vitality - Online program
Connect and deepen the relationship with Self.
Heal, awaken + revitalise the mindbody with just minutes each day

Leaning into simple yet effective practices, many of which can be done anywhere, anytime.

Learn about various bodymind & holistic health topics and techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, functional breathing, the importance of movement, nutrition, vagus nerve health, nervous system wellbeing, lymphatic system flow, gentle techniques to aid in healing trauma's impact on the bodymind, neuroplasticity, sleep hygiene, chakras/energy centres and much more, including the cultivation of a deeper relationship with Self.

Course Overview

This course can be beautifully effective if you may be feeling any of the below:

- navigating anxiety
- energetically depleted
- fatigued or frequently exhausted
- feeling the pressures of daily life
- lacking motivation
- stressed
- overwhelmed
- burnt out
- feeling ungrounded or frequently distracted
- navigating unprocessed trauma​
wanting to learn gentle & practical techniques to heal & revitalise the bodymind
- keen to implement or enhance your existing daily practices
- want to enhance mental clarity & efficiency
- or, if you simply want to awaken the bodymind and feel wonderfully revitalised again!


Here is what you will get with the 21 Days To Vitality course:

  • This program covers meditation, mindfulness, functional breathing, neuroplasticity, the importance of regular movement, lymphatic system flow, chakras/energy centres, vagus nerve health, sleep hygiene, nutrition, gentle techniques to aid in healing trauma's impact on the bodymind and so much more

  • Detailed guidance and support every day from Holly

  • Access to all videos on your computer, tablet or smartphone

  • 12 months access to the program videos

  • Access to an online community to ask questions & share your experience throughout, & beyond the 21 day program.

  • Access to a powerful stillness vibration (delta brainwave states)

  • Learn meditation, breath work and many holistic health considerations that will serve you for life

  • Learn valuable time management techniques to ensure a sustainable daily bodymind practice

  • Elevate your bodymind resonance + vibration

Meet your program guide ...


In late 2018, Holly navigated an unexpected health diagnosis (breast cancer), and it was the catalyst that changed her life for the better.

For years up until that diagnosis, despite being relatively upbeat day to day, eating well & exercising regularly, Holly was also navigating past trauma "stuck" in the bodymind, debilitating anxiety & panic attacks, unexplained infertility and general bodily imbalances - completely unaware of how deeply interlinked all of this was, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

As a result, Holly then spent the next several years studying psychoneuroimmunology, functional breathing, regenerative detoxification, holism,  counselling with majors in mind-gut connection, mindfulness based therapies and a functional medicine approach to healing.

Holly is a qualified counsellor, meditation teacher and advanced functional breathing instructor.

Combining formal studies with her own profound lived experience of continual bodymind healing of above mentioned physical illness & ailments to support and empower you on your own healing journey.

Phase 1 - Grounding (7 days)

We start the 21 days with a focus on grounding. Our fast paced day to day lives can have us being pulled in myriad directions. Therefore, you ground to reconnect with the present moment, with your immediate environment and ultimately to reconnect with yourself. Grounding is an integral part of a daily meditative and breath work practice, and will help to form a base for you to build upon throughout the rest of the course.

Phase 2 - Clearing (7 days)

Next, we move into the clearing phase. We focus on deepening your practice and utilising some effective techniques to help you clear any stagnant energy that has accrued over time. We will work to invite any suppressed thoughts, emotions and unresolved energy to the surface, to be expressed, felt and ultimately released.

Phase 3 - Expanding (7 days)

In this powerful phase, you will be guided through meditation and breath work techniques to ultimately help expand consciousness, we will look at complimentary ways to help enhance vitality, we will dive into the fascinating concepts of neuroplasticity and we will go through how to integrate all of this into a daily practice and help you to develop lifelong habits, well beyond this initial 21 days!

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