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How can a corporate breath, meditation + mindfulness teacher help?
Relieve stress, increase productivity + promote overall bodymind wellbeing

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Meditation and mindfulness practices originate from ancient traditions from the East, dating back thousands of years. However these techniques have been seen to have such profound effects on the mindbody that, through literally thousands of studies, western science has proven the efficacy of these practices time and time again. As a result, meditation and mindfulness practices are now used far and wide to help reduce stress, promote overall mindbody health + vitality, increase mental efficiency + performance and facilitate a generally calmer approach to life and work.


A seven-week study in Australia found that corporate meditation and mindfulness programs significantly helped reduce stress where participants felt a greater sense of calmness and relaxation and were more effective in handling difficult matters at work. 

Cleveland Clinic released a study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that corporate meditation and mindfulness-based programs can reduce stress responses in staff and increase levels of happiness. Who doesn't want a calmer and happier team?!

Companies who implement corporate meditation + mindfulness programmes include:

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Companies that implement a corporate meditation and mindfulness program reportedly see the following benefits:

  • Increased staff morale

  • Reduced staff absenteeism

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Increase individual mental efficiency from participants

  • Ability to focus on a single task for longer periods of time

  • Reduction in stress related workers compensation claims

  • Higher productivity

  • Better interpersonal relationships

  • Improved client relations


Meditation and mindfulness truly are modern day super powers!

Companies are finding that as the demands of daily life and work-life increase, they need to meet that demand by supporting their staff with appropriate and effective tools and techniques for stress management and stress reduction. Implementing a corporate meditation and mindfulness program can play a significantly positive role in helping staff navigate the sometimes turbulent nature of day to day life and related events.

What will the classes and programs entail?

Holly offers two types of meditation and mindfulness training:

1. Introduction to Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathwork Workshop - In this workshop, Holly teaches a brief theory on how breathwork, meditation and mindfulness works, on a physiological level, within the mindbody. Holly will also go through the various benefits that can be obtained by adopting a regular daily practice. As well as guiding your team through a range of practical breath, meditation and mindfulness sessions.

2. Meditation & Breathwork Classes - This is a more practical approach, with very little theory. Holly focuses on guiding your team through simple mindfulness practices and meditation sessions, also incorporating gentle breathwork practices.


Programmes can be tailored to suit the organisation's wants, needs + group size. 


Best practice recommendation is to consider the Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop, so participants gain an understanding of the theory behind what they are doing and how it benefits them. Then to follow up with a series of meditation and breathwork classes thereafter.

Our sessions can include any of the following:

  • Discussion about the mindbody connection, and how our thoughts impact our immune and central nervous system (psychoneuroimmunology)

  • Review the difference between parasympathetic vs sympathetic nervous system

  • Discussion about attitude, self awareness and mindset

  • Walk through simple + mindful relaxation techniques

  • How to navigate mind and turbulent emotions

  • Yoga Nidra – one of the deepest states of relaxation, powerful in its rejuvenation qualities

  • Guided meditation practices of various kinds, depending on the audience + objectives

  • Optimal posture, light stretches + gentle movement (work clothes are suitable)

  • Discussion about potential obstacles to meditation

  • Review of recent meditation research findings

  • Simple, practical breathing exercises (light breath work)

  • How to integrate meditation, mindfulness and relaxation into your daily life ongoing

  • Questions and discussion


How will programmes be delivered?

Programs can be delivered both in person and/or online.


For in-person events, Holly will attend site to personally teach the benefits of a meditation and mindfulness workshop. Holly will then guide participants through a meditation session together. Your team will leave our sessions feeling calmer, happier, more present and grounded as a result.


Benefits of a corporation meditation + mindfulness program

  • Increased staff morale

  • Reduced staff absenteeism

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Increase individual mental efficiency from participants

  • Ability to focus on a single task for longer periods of time

  • Reduction in stress related workers compensation claims

  • Higher productivity

  • Better interpersonal relationships

  • Improved client relations

  • A generally brighter workplace to be engage in

Suitable for all levels

These workshops and meditation sessions are suitable for all levels, whether you are meditating for the first time, or you are an experienced practitioner.

If you have never meditated before, this is a great place to start, become better acquainted with the meditative process and feel immediate benefits within the mindbody.

You will leave your sessions experience feeling clearer, lighter, calmer, happier and hopefully a little bit wiser!


Meet your program guide ...

Why would an accountant dive into a starkly contrasting vocation such as holistic health coaching, meditation + breath work teaching?

In late 2018, Holly navigated an unexpected health diagnosis, and it was the catalyst that changed her life for the better. As a result, she spent several years studying (and continues to study!) psychoneuroimmunology, breath work facilitator training, meditation teaching training, holistic health coaching, regenerative detoxification, a diploma in counselling with majors in mind-gut connection, mindfulness based therapies and a functional medicine approach to healing.

Holly is a qualified counsellor, holistic health coach, meditation & mindfulness teacher and breath work facilitator.  

Soon after adopting regular daily practices to implement her learnings, Holly felt and noticed a significant shift in bodymind clarity and vitality unfolding as time passed.

The experience was too valuable for her to not to share with the world. And here we are today!

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