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Connection & Vitality of Spirit

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Human beings are biological creatures no less than any other. In a sense there can be no distinction between human and nature , because human beings are a part of nature. However, we DO distinguish. And this is, arguably, at the crux of many issues we are seeing unfolding, in a broad & overarching sense, of current times.

There is a level of divide & disconnection; which is ultimately a disconnection from Self, from one’s inherent nature, from nature itself.

We see this on both a macro and micro level, in so many ways. We see it in government, medicine, education, finance, and we see it in our individual health & way of living.

At the basis of our wellbeing, individually and collectively, is a requirement for meaningful connection (with Self, with all). That connection underpins how we experience & choose to live our life, on every level, and our overall vitality of spirit.

We are human beings, rather than human doings. Humans are not designed to be constantly & perpetually striving, achieving, providing increased productivity & better outcomes, hitting KPI’s, hustling and rushing.

We are seasonal beings that require periods of quiet, periods of deep rest, periods of doing very little in order to restore and rejuvenate, yet the narrative of a modern society tries to tell a very different story.

How to bridge this divide? How to reconnect this loss of connection? How to revitalise spirit? It is in fact reconciled by seemingly simple actions on an individual level.

These seemingly simple acts impact both Self & can also have a far reaching ripple effect out into one’s immediate community, out into the wider environment.

Perhaps a paradox of this message, is to also appreciate modern technology: in that, we have the ability to connect with people the world over in real time in various ways. Hence, amplifying any ripple effect.

And so in seeds the energy of change.

Yet with change, naturally, comes a proverbial muddying of the waters, of belief systems, of much of what one may have known or lived for a long time, and often as a result, a level of resistance.

This is the work, individually & collectively, for the betterment of humanity.

For a human to realise their own humanity, their inherent connection to ALL (Unity consciousness) is the resolution.

These seemingly simple acts for cultivating connection & unity will require a momentary letting go of “doing”, of rushing, hustling, of obligations.

These seemingly simple acts involve a conscious slowing down, removal of distraction for a period of time, to sit in stillness, to breathe, to feel the body, to feel the earth beneath the feet, to listen to sounds all around, to be present with our children, to witness & experience nature, and ultimately, to just be.

And over time, with devotion to Self, to these regular moments of connection, contemplation & observation, one may begin to notice an incremental “letting go” of aspects of life that may no longer serve, and a seeking out & welcoming of all that does.

On a much deeper & introspective level, these processes of Self connection may often eventually invite a level of questioning, of belief systems, of ideologies; are they one’s own?

The premise of this writing, of this message is:

Maintain hope, & maintain a belief in something greater than Self (the two complement each other). The resolution is simple, yet it requires conscious work & devotion.

To those that know this, that embody this, remain unwavering to your inner compass and intuition.

For those unsure where to start or what this even means, keep it simple and start with an allocation of several minutes to yourSelf each day, multiple times daily.

  • Conscious breathing, movement, mindfulness, sitting in stillness, writing, journalling, creating, reading, presence with children and so on.

  • Observe with playful curiosity all that arises in these quiet moments.

  • Connect with, and listen to the subtle messages of the bodymind, heed its calls.

  • Connect with the cycles & seasons of Mother Nature.

  • Seek out your community. Support each other.

  • The next steps often emerge just as they need to as you progress on such a path.

From a chance encounter with a beautiful soul recently “all we have is connection.”

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