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Holly's retreats are a beautifully immersive experience, encouraging you along your inner journey, while at the same time enjoying the outer tranquil settings of the retreat's various locations.

These retreats are a time for you to nourish the mindbody, to enjoy delicious wholefoods, lovingly prepared and to reconnect with yourself, to get clear on your life purpose and vision.


The multi day retreats are intentionally set in natural, beautifully serene and peaceful locations, enhancing the overall experience.   


The ancient traditions of yoga, breathwork and meditation will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.


The yoga sessions are suitable for all levels, and are a gentle, fluid sequence of postures. These energising and healing classes help the physical body to release built-up tension and channel the energy into the spine.


You will learn both modern breathwork and ancient techniques of pranayama that is a powerful and deeply restorative practice to lead into your meditation. This will calm the mind, purify the body and instil deep rest in the body.


Meditation is central to the retreat, and

includes knowledge sharing to enhance your understanding and practice of meditation,

and provides an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in stillness under guidance from Holly.

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Benefits of a meditation retreat

  • Reconnect with yourself + your intuition

  • Calm the central nervous system

  • Gain greater mental clarity

  • Facilitate feelings of joy, calm + bliss

  • Nourish, rejuvenate + revitalise the mindbody

  • Encourages feelings of abundance + empowerment

  • Connect with a likeminded community

  • Awaken a deeper purpose and intentions

Suitable for all levels

These retreats are suitable for all levels, whether your meditating or trying breathwork for the first time, or you are an experienced practitioner.

If you have never meditated before, as part of the retreat package, you will gain access to Holly's online weekly group meditation sessions, where you may become acquainted with the meditative process.

Each day of the retreat will be involve gentle restorative yoga, breathwork, meditation, insightful talks, healing music, nourishing food, being a part of a likeminded group of people and held in a location that will have you feeling absolutely inspired.

You will leave your retreat experience feeling clearer, lighter, wiser and filled with vitality and bliss.


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