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Holistic Counsellor & Coach | Meditation Teacher | Functional Breathwork Teacher

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How are you feeling? How are you REALLY feeling? Are you:
  • Stressed?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Lacking energy?
  • Anxious?
  • Feeling burnt out?
  • Navigating unhealed trauma?
  • Experiencing physical symptoms?
From my own lived experience, I know what it's like. The good news is, there is so much we can do to help you feel better.

In late 2018, I navigated an unexpected health diagnosis, and it was the catalyst that changed my life for the better. As a result, I have since spent several years studying psychoneuroimmunology, functional & advanced breathing teacher training (Oxygen Advantage), meditation teaching training, holistic health coaching, regenerative detoxification, counselling with majors in mind-gut connection, holistic counselling, mindfulness based therapies and a functional medicine approach to healing.

I am a registered holistic counsellor, health coach (CHEK), meditation & mindfulness teacher and functional breathwork teacher (Oxygen Advantage).  


Combining formal studies with my own profound experience of continual bodymind healing of above mentioned physical illness, past trauma, anxiety, and general bodily imbalances to support and empower you on your own healing journey.

Healing. Empowering. Transforming.

Here's how I can help support you ....
1:1 Sessions

1:1 Private sessions with Holly provides support + guidance for your life & health journey

Online Courses

Learn profoundly impactful techniques to help revitalise the mindbody and thrive.


Transformational breath and meditation retreats in stunning locations to help you recharge + revitalise the mindbody.

"Holly's warmth, energy and vibe is welcoming and calming. Holly has given me tips and techniques that have greatly helped me with breath work. These techniques have helped with my mental, emotional and physical states. Thank you, Holly."
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